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Dom Daily

Dom Monaghan Daily!
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No one had a Dom Daily! (at least not that I saw lol!) All other LOTR boys had one, but not Dom!!
So I made one!
Just some rules:

This is a picture only community, your post must contain photo or photos. But please don't be shy to post what ever you like about Dom, just as long as it has a picture in it! :)

If the picture huge or has nudity in it, please use LJ cut tag :

< lj-cut text="text here" >

Have Fun!!

Run by ewanme

Links to other great Dailys:

ewan_daily Ewan McGregor. The reason for my username! Gotta love Ewan! You have to love those girls for making it!
boyd_daily Billy Boyd! One the cutest guys I've ever seen! Love that scottish accent
orlando_daily Orlando Bloom! I just love Mr. Landy!

lotrboys_daily All the cute LOTR boys

elijah_daily Elijah Wood! Gotta love those big blue eyes!! :)

bean_daily Sean Bean! Awww, that all I have to say!

viggo_daily Viggo Mortensen

karl_daily Karl Urban. Very Smexy!

lotrgirls_daily LOTR girls. All the girlys from LOTR


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Base for the icon made by bleedskint
Thanks! :)